EOL Notification - chroma+scan 3000 Series End of Life Notice
Product Notices

This is an End of Life (EOL) product notice for the chroma+scan 3000 series. The replacement product for the chroma+scan 3000 series is the Gocator 200 series of smart 3D multi-point laser scanners. This product provides customers with an upgraded solution for transverse wood scanning applications, delivering higher scan speeds of 3 kHz compared to 2-2.5 kHz with chroma+scan, a modular design architecture for greater flexibility, and open-source GoWebScanSDK for full user control (in contrast to chroma+scan’s “black box” approach). In addition, Gocator 250 achieves tracheid speeds up to 1500 Hz whereas chroma+scan 3250 is limited to tracheid speeds of just 100 Hz.

PRODUCT TREE chroma+scan
CHANGED 2022-05-02 09:43:40
AUTHOR DATE 2022-05-02