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FactorySmart AI provides a turnkey solution to help you leverage the power of AI in your factory. We tackle data collection, pipeline training and development, user interface design and factory communication. Once deployed, we continue to maintain and optimize the system to ensure your return on investment is fully realized.

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FactorySmart® AI
for Meat Processing

FactorySmart® AI


Data Collection
Labelling and Preprocessing

AI Pipeline Development

Feasability Report


Hardware Integration

Optimize AI Pipeline

Custom HMI Development

Factory Communication


Remote Connectivity

Dashboard Telemetry

System Scaling and Servicing

Automate visual inspection in your factory

You are ready to automate visual inspection in your factory and want to take advantage of the latest in AI technology. FactorySmart Solutions will work with you to consult, design, and support a tailored, turnkey solution optimized for your application.

What Does it Include?

GoMaxNX Creative comp

FactorySmart AI Device

The hardware and software needed to support your AI pipeline, factory configuration, and user interface

G2430 G2440 0

3D or 2D Vision Sensor

The vision system necessary to achieve the accuracy, speed, and dynamic range for your application

UI Screenshot monitor FactorySmart AI

LMI Support

Remote performance monitoring of your AI pipeline, telemetry dashboarding, and configurable alerts

Why FactorySmart AI Solutions?

Superhuman Performance

Superhuman Performance

We find the most suitable AI models and frameworks. New models are regularly tested and deployed while cloud connectivity supports allows us to monitor performance and retrain the model when needed.

Full Service Deployment

Full-service Deployment

We do all the work including data collection, modelling, user interface design and factory communication. We start by determining if AI can solve your application and then work closely to understand your business challenges and priorities.

Best Value

Best Value

We train your model(s) on our servers. You don't need to purchase GPU hardware for development. Your solution includes a complete pipeline with one or multiple AI models, traditional algorithms, factory interface and factory communication.

Let’s Talk About FactorySmart® AI Solutions for Your Factory.

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