LMI Technologies' 3D Software Measurement Inspection FactorySmart® Platform

Powerful Measurement and Inspection Software Deployed on Gocator® 3D Smart Sensors

GoPxL® is our latest software application for creating end-to-end, web-based inline measurement and inspection solutions deployed on Gocator® 3D Smart Sensors. 

Vision engineers can use GoPxL® to solve a wide range of industrial inspection tasks leveraging a combination of on-sensor measurement filters and tools running on Gocator’s industry-leading laser, snapshot, and line confocal sensors.


With GoPxL You Can:

GoPxL runs on LMI Technologies' industry-leading smart 3D laser, snapshot, and line confocal technologies. Simply enter the sensor’s IP address in a web browser to access the GoPxL user interface and set up your application to begin scanning.


Easily align single and multi-sensor systems for accurate and repeatable measurement. For applications requiring greater scan coverage, native multi-sensor networking allows you to capture and generate merged surface data, minimize or remove occlusions, or scan targets with 360º scanning capability.


Scan and perform measurements directly from the sensor leveraging built-in tools that can be applied to multi-dimensional data: 3D profiles, 3D surfaces, and 2D intensity images. Array support helps simplify complex measurement applications.


Connect measurements and decisions to PLCs using standard industrial protocols including EtherNet/IP, Modbus, PROFINET, and ASCII. Communication with the factory is low latency and leverages a real-time operating system.


With GoPxL, data processing can be accelerated for single sensor applications or distributed across multiple Gocator sensors using a GoMax® NX embedded hardware device or desktop PC to scale up system size and improve overall inspection performance in data-heavy applications.


Using GoHMI, create a custom end-user interface connected to Gocator® sensor outputs that is easily deployed on the production floor and accessed using a web browser on PC, touchscreen, or mobile device.


How GoPxL Is FactorySmart®

What's New in GoPxL 1.1

Allows you to solve more demanding applications without additional logic in a PLC or PC application.


Data Export Tool

Provides easier workflow for generating sample test data results including correlation and repeatability.

Eliminates the need for external logic to determine PASS/FAIL conditions for parts with many inspection points.

Reduces the number of tools required when working with array data.


Profile Roughness Tool

Enables standardized profile roughness measurement out-of-the-box, without the need for custom tool development. Note: For G5 sensors.



Introduces numerous improvements that allow you to work more efficiently and with greater visibility within the GoPxL UI.


GoHMI Designer Interface

Provides overall improved user experience when working with the GoHMI Designer.

Still Running Gocator Firmware on Your Sensor?
Evaluate GoPxL Today.

Walk-Through a Sensor Upgrade to GoPxL
Runs on Gocator 3D Laser Profilers, Gocator 3D Snapshot Sensors, and Gocator 3D Line Confocal Sensors
Easy Download to Upgrade Your Existing Gocator Sensors to GoPxL
Includes All the Best and Most Trusted Features from Gocator Firmware with Major New Additions and Improvements
NEW Reimagined User Experience with Powerful On-Sensor Measurement and Inspection Tools
NEW Searchable Tools and Embedded Help Linked to GoPxL Measurement Tools and Filters
NEW Single Sensor and Multi-Sensor Alignment Wizard
NEW Multi-Layer Scanning and Multi-Dimensional Measurement Capability with Array Support
NEW GoHMI Custom Human-Machine Interface Builder

NOTE: While users are encouraged to evaluate GoPxL, previous Gocator Firmware releases will continue to be supported and maintained. G2 and G3 products are currently shipping with firmware or later.


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