Speed. Precision. Outstanding Imaging Capability.

FocalSpec LCI1220 High Speed 3D Line Confocal Sensors offer an unbeatable combination of speed, precision, and depth of field. With these sensors, you can simultaneously capture 3D topography2D intensity data, and 3D tomography at scan rates up to 16000 Hz while capturing 27,648,000 data points per second.

All FocalSpec Line Confocal Sensor models can be used to inspect a variety of challenging surface types—including curved edgetransparent multi-layered, and highly-reflective.

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Curved Edge Glass Inspection

Curved Edge Glass Inspection Application
FocalSpec LCI1220

Multi-Layered Glass Inspection

Multi Layered Glass Inspection Application
FocalSpec LCI1220

Electronic Component Inspection

Electronic Component Inspection Application
FocalSpec LCI1220

FocalSpec LCI1220

With max sampling speeds up to 16000 Hz and the ability to generate 27,648,000 data points per second, the LCI1220 line confocal sensor is the fastest sensor on the market capable of capturing 3D tomography, 3D topography, and 2D intensity data simultaneously.
  • Scan rate 3000 Hz (at full measurement range)
  • X resolution 6.7 μm
  • Z repeatability 0.19 μm
  • Field of View (FOV) 11.6 mm
  • Stand-off distance 20.6 mm
  • Measurement range (MR) 3.0 mm
  • Max surface slope on mirror ± 20 deg

Speed and Precision for Inline Inspection
of Challenging Materials

FocalSpec LP Icons High Speed Scanning and Inspection
High-Speed Scanning and Inspection

Capture 3D topography, 2D intensity data, and 3D tomography at up to 16 kHz, with 1728 points per profile and 27,648,000 data points per second. No other sensor on the market can compete with this combination of speed, precision and imaging capability.

FocalSpec LP Icons 3D Tomographic Imaging
3D Tomographic Imaging

FocalSpec LCI sensors contain embedded fast signal processing units, which detect all the surface layer 3D profiles in the tomographic images. Height information of each measured data point is then processed in calibrated micrometers.

FocalSpec LP Icons Precision Defect Detection
Precision Defect Detection

The combination of 3D tomography and 2D intensity imaging can be used for identifying defects such as delamination, scratches, or dust on the surface or inside laminated glass, mobile phone displays or any other type of transparent multilayered material.

FocalSpec LP Icons Excellent Surface Angle Performance
Excellent Surface Angle Performance

FocalSpec sensors are able to capture the profile of curved display glass at a surface angle of up to 20 degrees (e.g., for scanning 2.5/3D display glass). In case of higher angles, the sensor or the sample can be tilted or the sample can be captured with another FocalSpec sensor.

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Take the first step to solving the most challenging scanning, measurement, and inspection applications—from curved edges and multi-layered transparent materials to highly-reflective metal surfaces. FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Sensors are the vision solution that makes sense for your business.

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