Sensor Networking Hubs

The LMI sensor networking hub, called the Master, is an advanced solution for distributing power and synchronization in a multi-sensor network. Master hubs come in two models – the 810 for networking up to 8 sensors, and the 2410 for networking up to 24 sensors. If you need more than an 8-sensor or 24-sensor network, hubs can be daisy-chained using an Up/Downlink port to add more ports by connecting another hub.

Gocator Master cordsets are used to connect the sensors to a Master hub. The Master provides a single point of connection for power, safety, encoder, and digital inputs.

The Master 810 and 2410 can be used to ensure that the scan timing is precisely synchronized across sensors down to 1 µs accuracy. Sensors and client computers communicate via an Ethernet switch (1 Gigabit/s recommended). Master 810 and 2410 hubs do not support digital, serial, or analog output.

  • Master 810 – for networking up to 8 sensors
  • Master 2410 – for networking up to 24 sensors
Master 2410 810 black comp
cables together HighFlex 0


Every Gocator sensor has two connectors – one for Power/LAN and the other for I/O. We offer two high flex cordsets for the Power/LAN connection: 1) a dual RJ45 connector cordset for use with a Master hub and a Gigabit Ethernet switch; or 2) a single RJ45 and open-wire cordset for use with a Gigabit Ethernet switch and your own power supply.

The Gocator I/O cordset provides an open-wire end for discrete I/O (2 inputs, 1 output), a quadrature encoder, 1 x serial, and 1 x analog outputs. Cordsets are available with straight or right angle Binder connectors that connect with the sensor.

Available high flex cordsets include:

  • 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m I/O cordset, open wire end
  • 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m Power and Ethernet cordset, 1x open wire end, 1x RJ45 end
  • 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m Power and Ethernet to Master cordset, 2x RJ45 ends

LMI high flex cordsets are rated for a minimum of 2 Million 90° Tick Tock bends and 7 Million U-shaped bends, both at 40mm radius.

Please Note: Custom cordset lengths between 25 m and 60 m (maximum) and connector orientations are available upon request. Prices depend on length and orientation requested. Cordsets longer than 25 meters have a static bending radius of 45 mm and a dynamic radius of 140 mm. Extension cordsets with one male and one female Gocator connector are also available on request.

Calibration Targets

Targets are used for alignment and calibrating encoder systems. Disks are typically used with systems containing a single sensor and can be ordered from LMI Technologies.

When choosing a disk for your application, select the largest disk that fits entirely within the required field of view. Note that for wide, multi-sensor systems, bars are required to match the length of the system. LMI Technologies does not manufacture or sell these calibration bars.

  • Calibration Disk, 40mm
  • Calibration Disk, 100mm
40mm 100mm Calibration Disk comp

Gocator 2xxx Protective Covers

Protective Covers are available for specific Gocator 2xxx laser line profiler models. The cover protects the sensor’s camera and laser windows from scratching caused by dust, debris, and cleaning.

G2 Protective Covers are currently available for the following sensor models:

Protective covers are easy to install. The protective cover features replaceable windows and gaskets to provide secure and reliable protection.

Please note:

  • The cover’s windows and gaskets can be replaced in the field
  • The cover does not change the IP rating of the sensor

Contact us for information on pricing, order availability, and estimated delivery times.

Gocator ProtectiveCover All glow small labels
URkit All Items Included

Universal Robots (UR) Hardware Kits

These kits are intended for customers who have a UR robot and want to quickly add a Gocator® 3D snapshot sensor. Two kits are available, one for Gocator® 3210 and one for Gocator® 3506. Each kit includes the respective Gocator® snapshot sensor model and everything required to mount and operate the sensor on a UR robot arm.

Gocator® UR kits contain the following items:

  • Gocator® 3210 or 3506 3D snapshot sensor
  • Master 100 with sensor power supply and US cordset
  • Power/Ethernet to Master cordset, 5m
  • Gocator® 3210 or 3506 Universal Robots mounting bracket and screws
  • Calibration artifact: 50mm ball bar, ½” sphere (Gocator 3210 kit) or 20mm ball bar, ¼” sphere (Gocator 3506 kit)
  • Network cable, 2m

For users that already have a G3210 or G3506 sensor up and running and want to add it to a UR robot arm, you can purchase individual items from the kit (e.g., Gocator 3210/3506 Universal Robots mounting brackets, calibration artifacts) according to your specific needs. This option is intended for users that need a way to mount the sensor onto the robot arm and calibrate the overall system.

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