3D Smart Sensors for Food Processing Inspection

3D smart sensors provide an automated, non-destructive and cost-effective way to meet strict production, quality, and safety standards in the food industry. This inspection approach leverages 2D and 3D image analysis and data processing across a wide variety of applications to achieve 100% optimization and quality control.

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Gocator Logo 2490

Recommended Solution

Gocator® 2490 is an all-in-one solution designed to scan large targets in wide conveyor food processing applications. This ultra-wide field of view, large measurement range 3D laser line profiler is able to scan a 1 m x 1 m at a rate of 800 Hz, delivering 2.5 mm XYZ resolutions even at conveyor speeds of 2 m/s. Gocator 2490 also delivers robust quality inspection of surface defects.

Gocator Logo 2300 Series

Recommended Solution

The Gocator 2300 series of 3D smart sensors are designed for the demanding industrial conditions of the factory floor. Gocator’s simple and flexible design enables factories to reduce costs and maximize profitability by improving efficiencies in product validation. 

The Gocator 2300 series comes in five standard models but can also be customized to suit specific factory automation requirements.

Loin Pull Grading

Industry Application

A front facing image of the loin is captured with a 2D camera. An AI model recognizes the fatcap and shoulder bone. Distance between these regions determines the grade. The shape of the shoulder bone is used to optimize the cutting blade upstream.

Correct grading and more meat per cut improves profitability due to higher price for better grade and bigger meat portions.

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