LMI Technologies Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

LMI Technologies

Dear Valued Customer/Partner:

We have received a number of inquiries as to the specific steps that LMI Technologies has taken to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to secure our supply chain and services for our distribution partners and customers. 

Statutory Requirements: LMI is committed to full compliance with any governmentally imposed restrictions on travel, meetings and events in all of the countries in which we operate.

Employees and Service Levels:  All non-production related staff are working from home where possible in order to prevent any further spread of the virus in heavily impacted countries. Travel is at a minimum and video conferencing is replacing direct meetings. As a high-tech company, our business applications and collaboration tools are based on cloud-based software to support our remote workers around the world. Therefore, we anticipate no drop in our levels of service to you.

Technical Support Response: Our technical support teams remain available and ready so users can expect similar response times to replies on support tickets, special project requests, or simply arranging to scan sample parts at one of our 3D labs or our partners’ facilities. 

Supply Chain and Order Management: Our production staff are continuing to build product as scheduled.  We maintain a large safety stock of our most critical components in order to prevent any supply disruptions from impacting our customers.  Our sales support team, together with our planning department are happy to provide estimated shipping dates if you have questions about an urgent order.

Obviously the situation is changing rapidly, and we will advise if new circumstances affect our current outlook. If you have any specific concerns about LMI’s ability to support your business, please feel free to contact your sales representative and we will be happy to address them.

Terry Arden

For general questions or concerns regarding our ongoing efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19, please write to [email protected].