LMI Technologies Launches Sub-Micron MikroCAD Scanners For Surface Metrology

Launch Features New Integrated MikroCAD Software Powered by Digital Surf’s MountainsMap® Technology

Vancouver, BC – LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of LMI’s Sub-Micron MikroCAD Scanners For Surface Metrology, featuring new integrated MikroCAD 64-bit software powered by Digital Surf’s industry-leading MountainsMap® Technology.

The refreshed MikroCAD product line follows LMI’s acquisition of GFMesstechnik GmbH (GFM) in June of 2014. LMI MikroCAD 3D scanners offer users comparable performance and superior flexibility at a significantly lower cost than traditional scanning technologies such as confocal and white light interferometry.

“Now with cutting-edge MountainsMap® Technology, MikroCAD is an even easier to use surface metrology solution; one that’s not only able to scan down to the submicron-level, but also provide users with the absolute best integrated surface data analysis and reporting tools in the industry; all at a price point that’s less than half the cost of traditional solutions,” said Len Chamberlain, LMI’s Director of Sales.”

MikroCAD scanners will now fall under the LMI Technologies brand name and feature the LMI3D logo, for all 3 models: lite, premium and plus. Our new integrated scanner and metrology software is offered in two versions, MikroCAD Standard and MikroCAD Professional. Our software delivers different levels of state-of-the art surface imaging, analysis and metrology tools in a smart, multi-language user environment that makes it faster to create comprehensive, highly visual surface metrology reports. The result is the most complete solution for the metrology and quality control of functional surfaces and small parts including shiny, hard, soft and deformable surfaces (for example paper, rubber and textiles) for applications in laser engraving, spot welding, gear analysis, cutting tools and many more.

For our existing customer base, LMI is offering the new MikroSYNC adaptor to support the use of older GFM MikroCAD scanners with newer Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

“We’re excited to provide our customers with a powerful new set of tools to achieve superior scan results at a highly competitive price. At the same time, we are developing next generation products for MikroCAD that leverage LMI’s advanced 3D technology and high volume manufacturing. Our efforts will ensure that customers continue to receive ground breaking scanner capabilities at exciting new price/performance levels,” adds Terry Arden, CEO of LMI Technologies.

For more information on MikroCAD, please visit http://www.lmi3d.com/products/mikrocad.

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