LMI Technologies Launches Gocator 4.2 Firmware Release

Launch Features Several Key New Features To Increase The Ease, Efficiency and Productivity of The 3D Scanning Inspection Process

VANCOUVER, CANADA – LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection technologies, today announced the official launch of Gocator 4.2 Firmware release.

The firmware supports the Gocator 3D Smart Sensor product line including displacement, profile, and snapshot sensors. The latest Gocator 4.2 firmware introduces several new key features that significantly increase the ease, efficiency and productivity of the inspection process.

“Inspired by real-world industry quality control challenges, Gocator Firmware 4.2 continues to enrich Gocator’s feature set with several important new tools that give users increased precision and control in their 3D inspection process,” said Chi Ho Ng, Director of Product Management. “We’ve also added HexSight’s robust and proven machine vision library for part finding and inspection free-of-charge for all Gocator users, making it the most cost-effective 2D and 3D inspection system in the marketplace today.”

Major developments to Gocator 4.2 Firmware release include:

Part Matching Automatically Aligns and Inspects Arbitrarily Oriented Parts

With the Part Matching feature, Gocator can accurately inspect parts regardless of their orientation as they pass on a transportation system (e.g. assembly line). Typically, users have to run an external PC and specialized image processing software or mechanically re-align parts that are presented out-of-position. Firmware 4.2 simplifies this process with a powerful Edge Matching capability that automatically performs part realignment before applying Gocator’s built-in measurements tools.

G1 Profile Mode Provides Built-In Ability To Generate Part Profiles

Profile Mode allows users to generate profiles of scanned parts using a Gocator single point sensor, rather than the typical displacement sensor that requires heavy network bandwidth and a PC or external controller to operate. Profile Mode builds 3D part profiles by intelligently combining high speed range data into a profile of the scanned part with flexible part detection logic that supports a variety of acquisition methods such as fixed length of movementdigital input control status and height thresholding.

HexSight Now Available For Free With All Gocators

HexSight is a comprehensive, robust and proven machine vision library for geometric part matching and inspection that seamlessly integrates with Gocator. Using HexSight, users can combine 3rd party machine vision camera data to perform 2D inspection in tandem with Gocator’s rich 3D height maps, ultimately creating a more sophisticated and comprehensive inspection system. Best of all, HexSight is now free for all Gocator users! You'll find your free HexSight download here.

Firmware 4.2 Now Available For Free Download

As of May 5th, 2015, Gocator 4.2 Firmware is officially available for free download for all Gocator users. The 4.2 Firmware files, release notes, SDK files, and user manual will also be made available at that time and can be downloaded from www.lmi3d.com/support/downloads/. Furthermore, customers will be able to directly download the firmware in the Gocator interface. To learn more about the latest Gocator 4.2 Firmware please visit www.lmi3d.com/products/gocator/firmware/.

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