LMI Technologies Launches Gocator 2530 High Speed, Blue Laser Profiler for 3D Scanning and Inspection in Battery, Consumer Electronics, and Rubber & Tire Applications

Gocator 2530 continues the signature high speed 3D blue laser profiling and compact design of the 2500 series—with a wider field of view and larger measurement range for more cost-effective implementation

February 25, 2019, Vancouver, BC – LMI Technologies (LMI), the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, is pleased to announce the launch of the Gocator 2530 smart 3D laser line profiler. This sensor achieves inspection speeds up to 10 kHz, at high lateral resolution with a field of view up to 100 mm. Gocator 2530 Smart 3D Blue Laser Profiler A custom 2 MP high speed imager, advanced optical design, and blue laser light allow the 2530 to generate high quality 3D data with highly repeatable results on shiny metal or black  materials common in battery, rubber & tire, and consumer electronics inspection and factory automation applications. This sensor is ideal for customers who need to perform:
  • Surface inspection of battery electrodes, cells, and packs
  • Dimensional gauging of battery cells
  • Cell phone midplate inspection
  • Tire sidewall and inner wall inspection
Gocator 2530 3D Smart Sensor for Battery Weld Inspection

Gocator smart 3D laser profiler for consumer electronic inspection           Gocator 2530 smart 3D laser profiler for rubber & tire scanning

High-Speed 3D Scanning and Inspection Take advantage of higher speeds by enabling multiple exposures to measure specular and low contrast surfaces simultaneously (e.g., shiny metal of battery cells, cell phone midplates, rubber). The sensor’s speed is also a key advantage in achieving high Y resolution (spacing in direction of travel). Submillimeter X and Z resolutions deliver detailed inspection of small assembly features such as edges or gaps and accurate 3D height measurement of surface geometry and defects (such as scratches and pits). Wide Field of View and Large Measurement Range The 2530’s wider field of view allows engineers to scan complete targets with a single sensor (e.g., cell phone midplate). Large field of view and measurement range allow the sensor to handle a wider variety of scan targets. Easy to Integrate into Tight Spaces and Existing Systems The Gocator 2530 has one of the smallest footprints in the industry while maintaining an IP67 rating. This allows the sensor to be mounted in virtually any machine environment. “The Gocator 2530 builds on the success of our high speed blue laser 2500 series, now providing customers with a wider field of view option and allowing for even more cost-efficient implementation of 3D inspection systems in battery, CE, and RUTI applications,” said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies. Gocator 2530 is now available for order at [email protected]. Write to [email protected] for any questions you have regarding this new product. For additional information on this new sensor, visit the Gocator 2530 product page on our website.

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