Single and Multi-Sensor Alignment Wizard

Easily Align Sensors for Accurate and Repeatable Measurement

The intuitive Alignment Wizard provides point-and-click operations to align your single or multi-sensor system.


Let the Wizard Do the Work

Easy sensor alignment includes:


Point and click wizard-style sensor alignment interface
Provides fast single and multi-sensor alignment with maximum ease of use and control
Easy configuration through added graphical guidance
Expanded feedback for deeper understanding of measurement results
Walk-Through the Alignment Wizard in GoPxL

Leverage the Industry's Leading Smart Multi-Sensor Networking Architecture

For applications requiring greater scan coverage, you can configure layouts for deployment in 360º scanning of complete objects (e.g., cylindrical targets), or to solve for occlusions on irregular or complex-shaped targets.

Benefits of multi-sensor networking capability:


Ideal for achieving increased surface coverage and 360º scanning of large, complex, and cylindrical objects
Maintains high resolution across wide field of view
Supports a range of layouts, such as wide, angled, opposite, and ring
Master hub networks up to 24 sensors and controls microsecond data synchronization, power, and laser safety

Still Running Gocator Firmware on Your Sensor?
Evaluate GoPxL Today.

Walk-Through a Sensor Upgrade to GoPxL
Runs on Gocator 3D Laser Profilers, Gocator 3D Snapshot Sensors, and Gocator 3D Line Confocal Sensors
Easy Download to Upgrade Your Existing Gocator Sensors to GoPxL
Includes All the Best and Most Trusted Features from Gocator Firmware with Major New Additions and Improvements
NEW Reimagined User Experience with Powerful On-Sensor Measurement and Inspection Tools
NEW Searchable Tools and Embedded Help Linked to GoPxL Measurement Tools and Filters
NEW Single Sensor and Multi-Sensor Alignment Wizard
NEW Multi-Layer Scanning and Multi-Dimensional Measurement Capability with Array Support
NEW GoHMI Custom Human-Machine Interface Builder

NOTE: While users are encouraged to evaluate GoPxL, previous Gocator Firmware releases will continue to be supported and maintained. G2 and G3 products are currently shipping with firmware or later.


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