Keeping Your AI System Performing for the Long Run

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Your FactorySmart® AI inspection system is up and running. Now you have to keep it healthy and operating reliably for many years to come. In some cases, you may need to adapt your inspection to new defects or duplicate the entire solution to meet production demand. The pace at which you can adapt to these changes will define how successful your inspection solution is in the long run.    

To help you on this journey, LMI has created a highly responsive remote support program for FactorySmart AI.  

Here is how it works.


Connecting your inspection device

A reliable and dependable inspection system must respond to production changes in real-time. This includes the ability to update the AI pipeline and identify new defects or classifications, or address changes in the environment associated with duplicating the inspection system. 

LMI’s remote support service will work with your IT group to connect to your inspection device(s). We will monitor your inspection device’s health and ensure the system is working as expected.

Dashboarding for your inspection device

A production system has multiple stakeholders that monitor system status and performance. Providing these users with remote access and visibility to past and present inspection results gives them confidence that results presented by the system are reliable and should be treated seriously. 

LMI’s remote dashboard service, customized for your inspection, will provide real-time telemetry data your stakeholders care about. This web-based interface will be accessible via the cloud from any device including a smartphone. 

Scaling your inspection and continuous model tuning

A reliable production system must be easy to duplicate and scale across additional production lines or facilities. The system must be able to adapt to changes in the production environment or mechanical installation. Just like the transition from feasibility to production, duplicating the inspection system may require updating your AI pipeline.  

LMI’s remote support services will implement these changes with minimal impact on you and your deployment timeline. Using remote access, our engineers will access new inspection images or height maps, implement the AI pipeline changes that are required and update your inspection device accordingly.


Throughout this blog series, we have discussed the viability of AI for industrial inspection and how LMI can help you determine whether AI is right for your application. We also discussed FactorySmart AI services, the journey of deploying an AI-based production system, and the challenges of maintaining it for years to come.    

We created the graphic below to help illustrate these elements and the pieces that come together to make AI inspection a reality for your factory.  We hope this content has helped you on your AI journey and we look forward to learning about your next inspection challenge!

FactorySmartAISolutions SystemDiagram

For more information on the benefits of AI for your factory, visit the FactorySmart AI Introduction and FactorySmart AI Solutions webpages.

You can also contact us directly by filling out the form below. An LMI expert will contact you shortly to discuss the possibilities of FactorySmart AI inspection for your production line.