Distributed Multi-Sensor Data Processing and Acceleration

Accelerate Your Single and Multi-Sensor Systems with a GoMax NX Embedded Device or PC

With GoPxL, data processing [using GoMax or PC] can be 1) accelerated for single sensor applications or 2) distributed across multiple Gocator sensors to scale up system size and improve overall inspection performance in data-heavy applications.

GoMax NX LP Application MedicalSeal Multisensor

GoMax® NX
Smart Vision Accelerator

GoMax® NX is a high-performance embedded device that allows you to accelerate any Gocator® sensor or multi-sensor network in order to solve the most data-intensive applications––without the need for an industrial PC.

This compact, fanless, and easy-to-use vision accelerator enhances data processing power in real-time, minimizing cycle times and augmenting overall inspection performance so you can achieve optimal results in demanding applications such as engine piston bowl, weld seam, glue bead, and medical packaging inspection.

Runs GoPxL® inspection software
Easy to set up and run through GoPxL® web browser interface
GPU-accelerated data processing with no industrial PC or controller required
Allows you to simultaneously accelerate Gocator® multi-sensor networks
Ability to add multiple GoMax® NX units to scale up acceleration

PC-Based Sensor Acceleration
with GoPxL

In addition to the GoMax NX embedded device, users have the option of accelerating a Gocator sensor by running GoPxL on a PC, and connecting to the sensor from that instance of GoPxL.

Deploy for single and multi-sensor acceleration
Easy access and control through the GoPxL web-browser user interface (no need to leave the application)
Offloads sensor datastreams to PC to increase memory and accelerate data processing (both point cloud generation and measurement)
Maintains Gocator communication protocol stacks (EtherNet/IP, Modbus, ASCII) to send results to the factory
GoPxL Manager Lineart
GoPxL Sensor Communication Diagram

Still Running Gocator Firmware on Your Sensor?
Evaluate GoPxL Today.

Walk-Through a Sensor Upgrade to GoPxL
Runs on Gocator 3D Laser Profilers, Gocator 3D Snapshot Sensors, and Gocator 3D Line Confocal Sensors
Easy Download to Upgrade Your Existing Gocator Sensors to GoPxL
Includes All the Best and Most Trusted Features from Gocator Firmware with Major New Additions and Improvements
NEW Reimagined User Experience with Powerful On-Sensor Measurement and Inspection Tools
NEW Searchable Tools and Embedded Help Linked to GoPxL Measurement Tools and Filters
NEW Single Sensor and Multi-Sensor Alignment Wizard
NEW Multi-Layer Scanning and Multi-Dimensional Measurement Capability with Array Support
NEW GoHMI Custom Human-Machine Interface Builder

NOTE: While users are encouraged to evaluate GoPxL, previous Gocator Firmware releases will continue to be supported and maintained. G2 and G3 products are currently shipping with firmware or later.


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