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Gocator 2500 Series

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High-Speed 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

The 2510 and 2520 are high-speed 3D laser line profile sensors in the most compact and advanced Gocator® design yet. These sensors achieve inspection speeds up to 10 kHz—including scan, built-in 3D surface measurement, and pass/fail control—to meet inline production speed.

  • Blue laser + custom optics for optimal performance on dark and specular targets
  • IIoT ready with built-in web server, configure with any web browser
  • Built-in tools for 3D alignment, part segmentation, and 3D feature extraction
  • Native support for multi-sensor networking


Gocator 2500 Series high-speed 3D laser line profile sensors
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Gocator 2500 FOV Diagram


Model 2510 2520
Resolution X (mm) 0.008 0.013 - 0.017
Resolution Z (mm) - -
Field of View(mm) 13.0 - 14.5 25 - 32.5
Clearance Distance (mm) 17.0 47.5
Measurement Range (mm) 6 25
Laser Blue Blue


2500 Family Mechanical Drawings High-Speed 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

Connectors mechanical drawings High-Speed 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

90 Degree Connector / Straight Connector

Gocator Emulator

Test Drive a Gocator® Sensor

The ultimate sensor emulator is here.

Choose from a variety of application scenarios, then use an exact duplicate of the Gocator interface. Perform measurements on pre-recorded data from a variety of scanned components—all in a web browser-based "virtual sensor" environment. Right from your desktop. Without the need for a physical sensor.


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