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Gocator 2430 | 2440 Launch LP



Made to Master the Challenges of R&T

With the latest 2-megapixel imaging technology, high-speed onboard processing, and an optimized optical design, these 3D smart sensors achieve faster scan rates and greater sensitivity (i.e. shorter exposure times) for robust scanning of dark materials such as tire tread, sidewall, rubber sheets, and more.


Gocator 2430 and 2440


Gocator® 2430

High-Resolution and Sensitivity for Tire Sidewall Scanning
  • Fast scan rate (up to 5 kHz)

  • Generates profiles at 37-57 µm resolution

  • Measurement range = 80 mm

  • Field of view = 47-85 mm

  • Small package for easy system integration


Gocator 2430


Gocator 2440

Gocator 2440

Large MR, Wide FOV for Tire Tread Scanning
  • Fast scan rate (up to 5 kHz)

  • Generates profiles at 90-130 µm resolution

  • Large measurement range (210 mm) for handling depth variation 

  • Wide field of view (96-194 mm) for scanning large targets with fewer sensors

  • Small package for easy system integration


Everything You Need for R&T.

Dual-Core Controllers
Embedded Processor
For High-speed scanning

In addition to their powerful scanning engines, both sensors come with dual core controllers—maximizing onboard processing speed (up to 5 kHz) and minimizing cycle times.

Higher Sensitivity
Optimized Optical Design
For INCreased measurement sensitivity

An optimized optical design makes these sensors highly effective in low light conditions––minimizing exposure times and allowing for accurate and repeatable results on dark materials.

2MP Imager
2-Megapixel Camera
For High-resolution measurement

The latest 2-megapixel imaging technology provides high-resolution scanning (down to 37 µm) with high measurement repeatability (0.8-1.2 µm). This makes it possible to scan fast-moving dark and specular surfaces accurately at production speed.

Small Package Size
Small Package
For seamless system integration 

Inspection systems in rubber & tire and electronics applications require a highly compact 3D solution for seamless integration. Gocator 2430/2440 sensors come in a small package size to fit into such systems easily—with minimal disruption or added cost.

Explore Gocator® in the R&T Industry.

Take a journey through the rubber & tire manufacturing process, with vivid application illustrations and real-world industry insights.


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