Controlling Photons with Optics Designer Karri Niemelä | G4000 Series
This video details the functionality and advantages of the Gocator 4000 Series chromatic confocal sensor. G4000 utilizes a coaxial design, directing light along a single axis to eliminate shadows and achieve a wide angular range. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for inspecting objects with curved surfaces and minute gaps, such as those found in consumer electronics. The G4000 series sensors are particularly useful in semiconductor manufacturing, specifically for ball grid array (BGA) measurements. They accurately determine the shape and height of BGA balls, ensuring their uniform distribution. The sensors operate based on the principle of chromatic confocal technology, where a white light source and specialized lenses focus different colors at varying depths. This "wavelength to depth encoding" allows for precise 3D measurements.
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3D Sensor Intros
Uploaded 2024-07-13
Duration 2:19