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Gocator 2400 Series

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Ultra High-Resolution 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

Gocator 2400 sensors are designed for 100% inspection of challenging targets, such as micro-features on small electronic parts, and dark materials such as tire tread/sidewall and rubber sheets in high-speed inline applications.

  • 2-Megapixel imager. Up to 1940 points per profile resolution
  • Field-of-view (FOV) up to 194 mm
  • Measurement range up to 210 mm

GET FULL SPECS – 2410/2420   GET FULL SPECS – 2430/2440

Gocator 2400 ultra high-resolution 3D laser line profile sensors


Gocator 2400 FOV Diagram

Model 2410 2420 2430 2440
Resolution X (mm) 0.0058 0.014 0.037 0.090
Resolution Z (mm) 0.0011 0.0018 0.006 0.013
Field of View(mm) 10-10 27-32 47-85 96-194
Clearance Distance (mm) 19.0 60.0 75 183
Measurement Range (mm) 6 25 80 210
Laser Blue Blue Red Red


2400 Family Mechanical DrawingsConnectors mechanical drawings

90 Degree Connector / Straight Connector

Gocator Emulator

Test Drive a Gocator® Sensor

The ultimate sensor emulator is here.

Choose from a variety of application scenarios, then use an exact duplicate of the Gocator interface. Perform measurements on pre-recorded data from a variety of scanned components—all in a web browser-based "virtual sensor" environment. Right from your desktop. Without the need for a physical sensor.


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