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Gocator 2490 3D Laser Line Profiler

Scan and Inspect Large Targets. At Production Speed.

Gocator® 2490 is an all-in-one solution designed to scan large targets in packaging & logistics, automotive assembly, sawmill board optimization, and food processing applications.

This ultra-wide field of view, large measurement range 3D laser line profiler is able to scan a 1 m x 1 m area at a rate of 800 Hz, delivering 2.5 mm XYZ resolutions even at conveyor speeds of 2 m/s. Gocator 2490 also delivers robust quality inspection of surface defects.


Box Volume Gauging

Gocator 2490 Landing Page Applications Block box volume gauging

Gocator® 2490 laser profiler


Automotive Body Frame Inspection

Automotive Body Frame Inspection

Gocator® 2490 laser profiler

Food Processing Inspection

Gocator 2490 Landing Page Applications Food Processing Inspection/Optimization

Gocator® 2490 laser profiler

Gocator® 2490

Ultra-Wide Field of View. Expansive Scan Area.
  • Field of view = 360 mm - 2000 mm

  • Measurement range = 1525 mm

  • Scans 1 m X 1 m packages at 800 Hz

  • Achieves 2.5 mm XYZ resolutions at conveyor speeds of 2 m/s


Gocator 2490 3D laser line profiler

Discover a Wider Vision
in 3D Scanning and Inspection

2 Meter Field of View
2 Meter Field of View
For Ultra-Wide 3D Laser LINE Profiling

2-meter wide FOV provides maximum scan coverage on large targets in packaging, automotive manufacturing, food processing, and more.

Large Measurement Range
Combined with Large Measurement Range

Ultra-wide FOV and large MR provide an expansive scan area for capturing the entirety of large objects in a single pass, using the fewest number of sensors.

High-Speed Scanning and Inspection
High-Speed Scanning and Inspection
For Inline Production Environments

The 2490 scans at a rate of 800 Hz (with a scan area of 1 m X 2 m) to easily handle large large targets travelling at production speed.

2.5 mm XYZ Resolutions
2.5 Millimeter XYZ Resolutions
For Complete Dimensional Measurement (W x H x D)

Gocator 2490 delivers resolutions of 2.5 mm in all three dimensions, for complete measurement of large targets travelling at conveyor speeds of 2 m/s.

Explore Gocator® 2490 in this exclusive factsheet.

Find out more about the unique capabilities of the 2490 that make it ideal for scanning and complete dimensional gauging of large objects such as boxes, automotive body frames, and high-volume food production lines.


Gocator 2490 3D laser line profiler factsheet

Let's talk Gocator® 2490.

Get in touch and we can discuss the benefits of ultra-wide field of view 3D laser profiling for packaging, automotive, food processing, and applications where greater scan coverage is required.

Gocator 2490

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