Turnkey solution for medical device manufacturers

FactorySmart AI Solutions are tailored to solve your vision challenge at the desired throughput. We work with you to implement a highly reliable and accurate vision system that communicates decisions to a PLC or logic controller on your production line. We provide a custom user interface for your factory staff and give you access to a remote dashboard service that provides system telemetry and health data.

FactorySmart® AI Solutions for Medical Device Inspection

Medical Balloon Inspection

Multiple images of the medical balloon are captured with a 2D camera. Specialized optics, filters and lighting components are selected to generate repeatable inspection images. The model locates, measures and classifies defects found in the balloon. Results are communicated to the automation system and images are stored for audit.

The solution has improved repeatability, reliability and efficiency when compared to a human operator. It also executes faster than a typical visual inspector, leading to shorter cycle time and lower operating costs.

AI Pipeline:

Image ↦ Background separation↦ Scaling↦ Object detection↦ Position, Size and Classification

Catheter Inspection

Images from multiple 2D cameras are captured to inspect every catheter. The model locates, measures and classifies each defect. Results are communicated to a logic controller which activates a marking applied to defective units. Corresponding images are archived in the cloud for audit.

Effective classification of defects helps manufacturers with root cause analysis and improve the production process upstream to prevent defects from occurring in the first place.

AI Pipeline:

Image x 3 ↦ Background separation ↦ Scaling ↦ Object detection ↦ Position, Size and Classification

Why FactorySmart® AI Solutions?

Tailored for your factory.
Maintained by LMI.

FactorySmart AI provides a turnkey solution to help you leverage the power of AI in your factory. We tackle data collection, pipeline training and development, user interface design and factory communication. Once deployed, we continue to maintain and optimize the system to ensure your return on investment is fully realized.

FactorySmartAISolutions SystemDiagram 3

Superhuman Performance

We find the most suitable open source AI models and frameworks. New models are regularly tested and deployed while cloud connectivity to the inspection device allows us to monitor performance and retrain the model when needed.

Best Value

We train the AI model(s) on our servers. You don't need to purchase GPU hardware for development. The FactorySmart AI Solution includes a complete pipeline with one or multiple AI models, traditional algorithms, factory interface and factory communication.

Full-service Deployment​

We do all the work including data collection, modeling, user interface design and factory communication. We start by determining if AI can solve your application and then work closely to understand your business challenges, priorities and budget.

Maximum Uptime​

We support the inspection device remotely to ensure issues are resolved quickly. Access to dashboarding and inspection telemetry provides health and performance monitoring and critical event notification for FactorySmart AI Solutions.

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