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"My roots are at this company, I grew up here with a lot of these people. I always said I have two places that I can call "Home". Home with my family, and here with my colleagues. It is hard work and never boring, but when something happens then I know that they will support me in any kind of way…"

Patricia Thal-Coolen, Accounting Supervisor, Europe, and LMI’er since August 1995.



"For me it’s not just a job but more like a stage where I can work with the most top tier guys in the world in the 3D machine vision industry."

Michael Chen, Managing Director, Greater China, and LMI’er since January 2012.



"For me its about three things:

1. LMI is continuously improving and everyone is encouraged to suggest changes. LMI has an open and transparent culture and suggestions are always welcome and taken seriously.

2. LMI is never afraid of researching new technologies; we are constantly investing in all aspects (processes, techniques, and technologies) that benefit our targeted customers.

3. Creating products in LMI is exciting and rewarding; we have fun creating exciting technologies, and more fun bringing powerful technology into a product that is joyful to use. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing customers praising the simplicity of our products and at the same time being impressed by what they can do for them."

Chi Ho Ng, Director of Applications and LMI’er since October 2004.



"As a trades technology graduate in BC with experience in the field of manufacturing technology, it is a great pleasure to work at LMI Technologies with its unique 3D sensor technology. I can practice, share, and contribute my knowledge and experience in my chosen career."

Eusebio Noynay, Manufacturing Technologist and LMI’er since September 2013.



"For me it’s about the people. At LMI, I get to work with talented and passionate people who truly care about their work, their colleagues and our customers."

Dan Howe, Regional Development Manager - Americas and LMI’er since January 1998.



"I'm here because LMI is a dynamic company with a fantastic culture. In my role, no two days are the same. Interacting with customers, our sales team and people at LMI, each day provides new challenges and new opportunities to look forward to. Talents and abilities are appreciated here. New ideas are encouraged here. Open door/Walk in policies are the norm here. All news is communicated at all levels of the company at our monthly TownHall meetings so that everyone is always 'in the know' about the latest company happenings and that reinforces my belief that I am truly part of the LMI family."

Jumana Mascati, Sales Support Team Lead and LMI’er since November 2014.



"The people are great, the technology is cutting edge, LMI respects its employees and does a lot of things to keep the family atmosphere. Also, LMI is open to suggestions, and everyone can talk to everyone else. There are no closed doors!"

Rob Loewen, Director of R&D and LMI’er since March 2007.



"LMI caters to different markets which I believe equates to stability. The company is filled with great and talented people which results in a wonderful product of quality and integrity. Working with the great people at LMI is exciting and challenging. That’s why I am here, to accept the challenge we encounter every day to achieve our goals."

Melchor Malabuyoc, Production Lead and LMI’er since May 2014


"I started at LMI straight out of BCIT in our Manufacturing department and found LMI to be a small group of supportive people working on some very interesting products (seriously? lasers? AWESOME!). After a while, I moved into a development assistant role, where I assisted engineers in rolling out these new products. Soon, the tasks grew as my knowledge did, and I found more and more responsibilities until I had my first opportunity to design a sensor. I was hooked. Since then, I have found that each new project offers new challenges and new learning experiences. Even after 20 years, I find there is always some nuance not yet exploited to learn from. Throughout my time here, LMI has proven to be an adaptive and caring company, allowing for personal growth and providing a great work environment."

Jeff Potter, Opto-Mechanical Team Lead and LMI'er since November 1994.



"I'm here because I enjoy applying our collective knowledge together to deliver products that customers love. We are so privileged to be in a position where we can conceptualize and manufacture innovative solutions to problems in a variety of markets. The process of creation involves working with people and so it fascinates me how we can interact as a team to achieve success in the highly competitive and fast-paced world of technology. I have learned so much from working with all of our talented staff and listening to the needs of customers. I consider myself fortunate to be supported by everyone here and to help plan our way toward a bright future."

Terry Arden, CEO, and LMI’er since October 2002.



"Why am I here? (Or in my case, why am I still here?)

It started in the early 70’s when I joined colleagues from graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor in a new startup called Diffracto Limited. We had been using laser measurement techniques in our studies and decided to try to make a business out of what we then called laser electro-optics (the term Machine Vision did not come in to use until much later). Since lasers were a new technology, first developed about 1960, it was an exciting time, and applying lasers to measurement applications was a brand new field. Being located in Windsor, ON, a lot of our business was with automotive companies, but also had a lot of activities in aerospace, nuclear and other industries.

At Diffracto, we experienced the challenge (and fun) of developing new sensing technologies for new applications. Most systems were supplied as turnkey, and all had at least a significant level of customization. Some were first-time developments, with often extreme technical challenges to be overcome.

In 1998, big change came in the formation of LMI, including Diffracto, Selcom, Dynamic Controls and Sensors ’95. Although each of the organizations was aware of each other, we rarely were in competition as we all had different focused business areas. It was really interesting to see how we all applied similar laser triangulation to an extremely broad set of applications. A while later, I was asked to provide technical marketing support to all the divisions. It was a lot of fun to visit them, study their technologies and applications and start writing and making presentations about LMI. At that time, a popular theme was our “sensors for hostile environments”, since we were arguably better than anybody else in manufacturing environments, I think we still are today.

Another benefit from my work at LMI was to meet a bunch of great, very competent people, who I consider to be close friends. One downside of LMI at the time was that while we all were using the same basic triangulation principles, but on very different platforms. New product development was slow because it was done in separate silos, and we could not practically share software or hardware developed over many years.

The next big change occurred in 2009 with the introduction of the first Gocators, the start of transitioning to a common platform for all of our applications. I saw the first Gocator prototypes on a visit to Delta, and my first reaction was “wow – all of that capability in a clear easy to implement package, at an affordable price”. It was a lot of fun to start writing about Gocator’s ease of use and technically advanced features. A bit later, as we got into writing case studies about applications, I got to interview users about their implementations. The stories heard were most gratifying. Users of our earlier application specific sensors find Gocator easy and economical to implement, and improved reliability is a big plus. Users new to LMI were also impressed with the simplicity and technical capability, and often are able to solve their customer’s application needs that were not feasible with other sensors.

It can be said that the only thing constant about LMI is change – and the rate of change is constantly accelerating. Life is never boring at LMI, it’s always challenging.

So, why am I still here? It’s great to work at a company that is a technology leader, one that expands its own product line quickly, and also makes exciting acquisitions in similar product type companies to extend to new markets. It’s fun to work with great people (and friends). It’s stimulating to work in a dynamic, fast-changing environment. And it’s rewarding to participate in a company that has good growth and profitability, and to at least in a tiny way, contribute to LMI."

Dr. Walt Pastorius, Marketing Communications and LMI’er since 1976. Walt retired in 2016, but he'll always be a part of the LMI family.