Read. Recognize. Validate.

Leverage the ability to read, recognize, and validate printed barcodes, labels, and alphanumeric text using 2D intensity or 3D height map (embossed) scan data.

OCR Moving Diagram PCB 0


The Surface OCR tool recognizes and extracts a string of text from surfaces, using either 3D height map scan data or 2D intensity scan data. Surface OCR adds a valuable capability for inspection applications that decode flat or embossed characters and symbols in markets such as automotive (stamped parts), battery and packaging (track and trace), and rubber & tire sidewall (DOT-codes). *Note: The Surface OCR tool runs on  GoMax® Smart Vision Accelerator, and on PC using the Gocator Accelerator (GoX) software application.
  • Read characters in 2D and 3D scan data, out-of-the-box
  • Works on both flat or raised (e.g., embossed) characters
  • Leverages pre-trained data sets on GoMax®
  • Blacklist and Whitelist modes allow you to isolate specific characters for increased measurement control and repeatability

OCR with 2D Intensity Data

OCR 2Dintensity
Gocator® 2520

OCR with 3D Height Map Data

OCR HeightData
Gocator® 2520

OCR for Tire Sidewall DOT-Code

OCR TireDOTcode 1
Gocator® 2430
GoMax for OCR


with GoMax® Smart Vision Accelerator

  • Plug-and-play – easy to integrate, power up, and run with your Gocator® sensor(s)
  • Onboard OCR Engine provides pre-trained datasets for out-of-the-box decoding of printed or embossed text strings
  • Delivers inspection acceleration and deep learning capability without the need for an industrial PC


The Surface Barcode tool in Gocator® allows you to read data encoded in 1D (linear) and 2D barcodes from surface data, without the need for 2D vision cameras or specialized barcode readers.

  • Decode 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Works with 2D intensity and 3D height map data
  • Determine and validate barcode position in XYZ space
  • Supports 14 different barcode types including Data Matrix and QR code
Barcode Moving Diagram DotPeen 0

1D Barcode

Barcode Standard 1D 0
Gocator® 2520

QR Code

Barcode QR Reading
Gocator® 2520

3D Data Matrix

Barcode Datamatrix DotPeen
Gocator® 2510

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