LMI Technologies Launches Gocator 2100 Series

Latest Addition to the Gocator Line of Smart, All-in-One Laser Line Profilers Offers Advanced 3D Scanning and Inspection Functionality at a Competitive Cost to Traditional 2D Solutions

VANCOUVER, CANADA – LMI Technologies Inc. (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Gocator 2100 Series, the latest addition to the Gocator line of smart, all-in-one line profilers.

This easy-to-use scanning and inspection solution empowers factories to improve efficiencies in product validation, by leveraging the value of 3D measurement at a competitive cost to traditional 2D smart solutions.

Even with a lower price point, the Gocator 2100 series gives up nothing in the way of functionality. It delivers advanced capabilities to handle even the most complicated inspection tasks with a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D measurement functions. It also has the flexibility to compensate for real-world factory challenges such as variable transport systems and part variation.

As a result of upgrading its VGA-based sensors and introducing them at a lower price, LMI’s Gocator 2100 Series will replace the Gocator 2000 and offer significant improvements such as a smaller footprint for easier integration into tight spaces and existing control systems; standardized connectors and cables for reduced system complexity; low latency communication with Gigabit Ethernet communication; and Gocator Firmware 4.x support offering the latest measurement tools such as Part Matching.

Like all Gocator 3D smart sensors, the 2100 is pre-calibrated and comes in a compact IP67-rated industrial housing. It has rich I/O, is fully controllable via open source SDK, and provides comprehensive support for multi-sensor networking.

Users can also easily upgrade to other Gocator models, including the Gocator 2300, without reconfiguring their operations.

“The Gocator 2100 series is special because it delivers an advanced 3D smart sensor to a wider market. It’s an ideal entry-level 3D sensor and offers a complete “factory smart” solution at a price that offers a significant advantage over traditional, 2D-based technologies”, said Terry Arden, CEO at LMI Technologies.

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