The Gocator® 2490 Legal for Trade Packaging & Logistics Measurement Solution with NTEP Certification

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LMI now offers an *NTEP Legal for Trade solution for the accurate data capture of multi-dimensional measurements (LxWxH) used in the calculation of dimensional weight for parcels in the shipping industry and for warehousing and logistics applications.


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Legal for Trade Solution Specifications

* Certification applies to the USA only. You can review the official certificate of conformance on the NTEP website.

Sensor Specifications
NTEP Certificate Number
Product Model
Gocator® 2490A-2-R-16-T
Device Type
Multiple Dimension Measuring Device
Field of View
38 inches (965 mm)
Cuboidal objects moving on a conveyor belt, separated by 4 inches or more
Mounting Distance
73 inches (1854 mm)
Length, Width, and Height
Measurement Range
38 inches (965 mm)
Package Specifications
Axis ID dmin Minimum Dimension Maximum Dimension Minimum Belt Speed Maximum Belt Speed
0.2 inches
2.4 inches
120.0 inches

Start / Stop 0 ft/min

500 ft/min

0.2 inches
2.4 inches
36.0 inches
0.1 inches
1.2 inches
36.0 inches

Legal for Trade Solution Includes

LFT 2490

Gocator 2490A-2-R-16-T
Laser Profile Sensor

  • Wide field of view, single 3D sensor can be used on conveyors up to 38 inches wide
  • Easy to set up and run (~30 minutes) using pre-configured job files
  • Communicates measurements directly to Smart Display

Linear Wheel Encoder

  • Spring loaded for easy integration with existing conveyor systems
  • Encoder signal initiates 3D line profile capture for precise synchronization with belt movement
LFT Configuration Utility OnPC

Legal for Trade
Gocator Conveyor Utility

  • PC-based utility for adjusting the measurement region of the sensor to match the conveyor
  • Visualization of laser profile used during Zero operation 
  • Visualization of 3D surface used for package dimensioning

Smart Display

  • Standalone touchscreen for sensor control and display of parcel dimensions
  • Provides the user interface, reports alignment status, allows the user to trigger alignment
  • Reports measurements out of range and clears alignment if the sensor temperature changes by 5 degrees or more

System Configuration and Deployment

Conveyor Configuration

The Gocator Conveyor Utility is used to adapt the sensor to any conveyor up to 38 inches wide. The utility is used during installation and requires a Windows machine with an Ethernet connection.

LFT Configuration Utility OnPC 1
Gocator Config Utility v2

Package Measurement

The Smart Display is used to report measurements captured by the sensor. It provides a touchscreen interface for the operator to Zero and Clear sensor alignment. The Smart Diplay will clear alignment automatically if ambient temperature drifts by 5 degrees or more.

LFT Box Dimensioning close IDEC Display

Created for System Integrators and Solution Providers

Leverage Gocator 2490 to Develop Your LFT-Certified Systems

Customers interested in deploying a Legal for Trade dimensioning system at multiple sites, or integrated in an OEM machine, can purchase all components from LMI or source the required encoder and measurement display from a third-party supplier. Standalone, the LFT-certified Gocator 2490 is an ultra wide field of view 3D laser profiler that is ideal for package dimensioning applications.

About Gocator 2490

  • Large field of view and measurement range allows the system to adapt to the conveyor, mounting and package requirements
  • Able to support conveyor speeds of up to 500 feet/minute, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Certified to measure packages within 0.2 inches in length and width and 0.1 inches in height

On-sensor Jobfiles

The Gocator 2490 Legal for Trade sensor from LMI includes custom jobfiles that perform dimensioning on-sensor. These files are locked and cannot be accessed. OEM customers developing their own outbound dimensioning system can purchase the 2490 standard product and implement the same functionality. Please contact LMI to learn more.

  • Preconfigured jobfiles used for alignment and measurement
  • Sensor reports profile width to conveyor configuration utility
  •  Sensor outputs dimensions to Smart Display over Modbus

Benefits to the System Integrator

  • Out-of-the-box LFT-certified device for accurate dimensional measurement
  • Built-in Modbus support for communication with the Smart Display
  • Provides control and flexibility in solution development
  •  Cost-effective and scalable

Let’s Talk About Your Gocator 2490 Legal for Trade Packaging & Logistics Measurement Solution

Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the benefits of  LFT-certified measurement for your outbound package dimensioning applications.