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LMI Technologies, recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces, is a medium-sized technology company built on a culture of openness, respect and professional excellence.

At LMI our staff work passionately toward the common goal of designing and delivering innovative 3D machine vision solutions to OEMs and System Integrators working in industrial factory automation around the world.

The result of this teamwork is high-performance, easy-to-implement and cost-effective 3D sensor technologies that deliver the best results in even the most challenging 3D inline inspection applications.

LMI Lightsaber Award

Our Core Values

At LMI Technologies, we work according to the J.E.D.I. code.

As LMI’s product is related to laser technology, it is natural that our culture has an affinity around Star Wars. At LMI, our corporate values and work culture follows the J.E.D.I. code as it reminds each of us on how we work and navigate through our workplace on a daily basis. To further share these values, every employee is given the opportunity to be nominated for an award (shown on the left) for exemplifying one of the values in a significant way. The award is a replica lightsaber handle that is customized and machined in-house.


Add value and bring clarity to everything we do


Pursue mastery in our field, constantly learning to be the best


Driven to go above and beyond to help our customers


Do the right thing, treating everyone with fairness and respect

Life at LMI


In a galaxy not so far away, LMI employees celebrate May the 4th as an official holiday. This is a token of appreciation from the company to reward all of our employees for their hard work, plus we work with laser products and we love Star Wars!


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