Tire Technology Expo 2015: Leadership & Innovation Takes Center Stage

Tire Technology Expo 2015 is officially in the books, with a record number 220 exhibitors and over 3,500 visitors attending the show. This year’s event was also the last one scheduled in Cologne, with Tire Tech 2016 slated for a larger venue about 300 km northeast in the city of Hannover.

Tire Technology 2015 Draws Broad Industry Appeal
Tire Tech 2015 brought together visitors from a wide variety of backgrounds in the tire manufacturing industry. There was something for everyone to enjoy, from automotive technicians to manufacturers and more.

Hot Topics: Structured Light & DOT-Code
Structured light was a hot topic at the LMI booth, gaining significant momentum among attendees as a “technology-to-watch” for precise, reliable and cost-effective tire scanning and inspection. Visitors were also keen to learn more about how Gocator uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read DOT-code, brand, and serial number from sidewall inspections.

Wide Array of Innovative Tire Measurement Solutions 
Visitors had the opportunity to browse through an incredible selection of innovative electronic solutions for tire measurement and control. The exhibition hall was jam-packed with booths highlighted by keynote presentations, product launches and exciting new technologies such as Tekscan’s impressive TireScan system with 250,000 sensing elements, and Nanotronics Imaging’s eye-catching nSpec 3D System for compound analysis.

Environmental Issues Coming To The Forefront
It was very exciting to see how important the discussion around sustainable tire manufacturing has become. Rewind just several years back and “green” tire manufacturing was just a blip on the radar, whereas today’s industry seems to be much more receptive to the weight of the subject. At Tire Tech this year the need to preserve the environment emerged as a clear priority, with industry leaders such as Charles Yurkovich (Cooper Tire’s VP of R&D) calling for the ongoing development of eco-friendly solutions.