Gocator Emulator - "Virtual Sensor" Technology

The Gocator Emulator is an industry-first, web-based application that allows you to run a “virtual sensor” using pre-recorded data without the need for a physical sensor.

Emulator runs on the same code base used to build Gocator firmware delivering all the exact same visualization, measurement, and control functions you would access with physical hardware.

Since the Emulator is virtual, there is no scanning function. Instead, pre-recorded data is fed into the software allowing a variety of scan parameters to be adjusted to effect different pre-processing. Not only is the Emulator useful for working offline, but SDK users can connect with Emulator to simulate data for testing in their applications.

Traditionally, without virtual sensor tech, you have to get your hands on a demo sensor. With Emulator, however, now you can simply use a virtual sensor to get the same knowledge without the hassle of organizing hardware shipments, hooking up cabling and power supplies, and having to return the unit later.

Emulator Gocator Virtual Sensor

Who is Gocator Emulator For?

Gocator Emulator is a PC-based simulator for automation engineers who want to accelerate their development efforts with Gocator sensors–—providing them with the ability to work offline, view recorded data and develop new solutions. With Emulator, automation engineers can work with existing Gocator installations, testing improvements offline without affecting production.

If you are developing custom measurement algorithms to be run inside a Gocator using Gocator’s unique Gocator Development Kit, then the Emulator is essential to test and verify operation before committing to actual hardware.

Physical Gocators provide the ability to record data without disrupting inline inspection performance. This recorded data can then be loaded into the Emulator for offline development and review.

Gocator Emulator offline virtual sensor application to test sensor setup.

Gocator Emulator Online Version

Gocator Emulator includes an online version via the LMI web site, allowing you to experience Gocator’s user interface and perform application-specific, pre-recorded measurements on a scanned object––all from your desktop.

Providing an exact duplicate of the interface used to configure Gocator sensors, the online Emulator gives users the opportunity to see first-hand how easy Gocator is to use through a selection of virtual sensor scenarios. A virtual sensor scenario is a setup where a part has previously been scanned and the 3D data is available for you to explore and create measurements. The scanned part is representative of a particular industry like electronics or automotive.

Try the online Emulator today. All you have to do is select your Emulator scenario, register your session, and launch your “Virtual Gocator” experience to discover the ease of working in 3D.