LMI Technologies が Gocator® ファームウェア 5.1 を公式にリリース

Gocator Firmware 5.1

Users will benefit from a wide range of new built-in 3D surface measurement tools, easy Universal Robots (UR) integration for Gocator snapshot sensors, built-in PROFINET support and more.

September 6, 2018, Vancouver, BC – LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of Gocator® firmware 5.1. This release introduces new tools, features, and improvements that make inline 3D inspection easier and more efficient than ever before.

Surface Segmentation Tool

This tool identifies discrete parts even if they are touching or partially overlapping. This allows the user to report statistics on global information such as part count, min/max height, width, and length. And, with an SDK application or GDK tool, engineers can apply 3D surface measurements on individual parts.

The Surface Segmentation tool can be used for applications where multiple parts appear in the field of view of the sensor simultaneously—such as inline grading and sorting of food items. (WATCH VIDEO)

Surface Track Tool

The new Surface Track tool lets the user define a measurement path with a separate utility and upload it onto their Gocator® sensor. The sensor can then perform width, height, offset, and continuity inspection at defined points along the path and return global measurements (min/max/average) and statistics.

This tool is highly effective in applications such as measuring the height and volume of glue beads on electronics devices. (WATCH VIDEO)

Easy Universal Robots (UR) Integration

Users can now easily integrate Gocator® snapshot sensors into applications using UR devices. This support is provided by the Gocator URCap plugin, which allows users to connect to a robot controller or PC application to perform sensor hand-eye calibration and implement pick-and-place movement. There is no need for additional programming, making it easy to set up robotic systems for factory automation applications. (WATCH VIDEO)

Built-in PROFINET Support

Gocator now has built-in support for the PROFINET protocol for communication with factory equipment supporting this widely used PLC standard developed by Siemens.

Other notable developments in Gocator® firmware 5.1 include 3D surface measurement tools for stitching, vibration correction, filtering, and improvements to Gocator’s 360º scanning capability (WATCH VIDEO)

“Firmware 5.1 is packed with new built-in 3D surface measurement tools, combined with important support capabilities now native to Gocator like PROFINET and UR integration. With this release, we continue to drive Gocator’s smart design forward in order to help our customers meet their production demands,” said Chi Ho Ng, Director of Applications.

Gocator 5.1 comes with every new Gocator. Order your Gocator 3D smart sensor now at [email protected] for improved factory automation, inspection, and optimization. If you’d like to learn more about Gocator firmware’s features and capabilities, visit our website here. Or, if you already own a Gocator®, you can download firmware 5.1 and upgrade your sensor for free here.

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