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While standard model 3D smart sensors can handle a wide range of general inspection tasks, the trend toward highly-specialized automated factory production has resulted in a corresponding increase in demand for customized solutions designed to handle specific industry applications.

The Vertical Model Approach

In order to meet this growing demand, LMI has developed a flexible sensor platform that supports model customization at the manufacturing level––allowing us to customize our standard off the shelf 3D sensor models to serve application-specific requirements.

As an example of this vertical model approach, consider the new Gocator Cylinder Head Volume Checker used for volume gauging of internal combustion engines in the automotive industry.

Gocator Cylinder Head Volume Checker

Though it comes as a single, complete 3D solution, we can break it down into several integrated components to get a better understanding of its level of customization. These components include:

• Gocator 3210 Snapshot Sensors
• Gocator Accelerator (GoX)
• Custom tool using Gocator Development Kit (GDK)
• Master Hub 810 for Multi-Sensor Control

Gocator 3210 Snapshot Sensor

Gocator 3210 is the hardware platform of the Cylinder Head Volume Checker solution. The 3210 is a metrology-grade, inline ready snapshot sensor that scans at 35 μm resolution, and is ideal for detecting features on large targets such as automotive cylinders.

Raw 3D Profile of Cylinder Head Using Gocator 3210

Here are some of the 3210’s notable features:

• Fast scan rate (4 Hz full-field)
• 2-megapixel stereo camera minimizes occlusions
• Wide field of view (FOV) up to 154 mm

For more details, watch this short video on the Gocator 3210 and its specialized capabilities.

Gocator Accelerator

GoX is a key part of the Cylinder Head Volume Checker solution. This PC-based application accelerates the Gocator 3210 sensors to achieve scan speeds (4 Hz) that match those required for inline engine block inspection.

GoX can be used to accelerate any Gocator sensor or multiple Gocators at once. You can learn more about GoX in this blog post.

Gocator Development Kit

The GDK allows developers to embed their own custom measurement algorithms in the Gocator Firmware. In the case of the Cylinder Head Volume Checker, LMI has embedded a custom Volume Gauging Tool that can scan and measure cylinder heads in less than 5 seconds at an accuracy of +/- 0.04 cm3.

Post GDK Cyllinder Head Volume Calculation Data

GDK allows you to embed custom algorithms in any Gocator. You can learn more about GDK in this blog post.

Master Hub 810 for Multi-Sensor Control

The Master Hub 810 network controller simplifies the support of multiple sensors (up to 8) by handling power, synchronization, laser safety (for laser-based sensors), encoder and digital I/O. A Master Hub 810 is used to support the Cylinder Head Volume Checker when you want to use 4 such sensors to scan and measure 4 cylinders at once.

Master Hub 810

For more information on Masters and multi-sensor networking, download the datasheet.


Gocator’s flexible platform allows LMI to customize standard sensors to meet specific application requirements. We believe this approach is the future of automated quality control, where 3D solutions are configured to perform highly specialized inspection tasks.