Gocator 3D smart sensors offer multi-sensor networking (>2 sensors) with built-in support for pairing, alignment, and stitching. Multi-sensor support allows users to configure sensor layout and align to a common coordinate system with point-and-click functionality. After scanning, Gocator outputs a single, dense 3D point cloud ready for measurement.

  • Ideal for scanning large or complex targets
  • Maintains high resolution across wide FOV
  • Simple point-and-click network setup
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The LMI sensor networking hub, called the Master, is an advanced solution for distributing power and synchronization in a multi-sensor network. Master hubs allow you to easily scale from a single sensor up to a 24-sensor system.

The Master 810 and 2410 hubs easily handle power, data synchronization, laser safety, and digital I/O for 2 to 24 sensors.

  • Synchronized within 1 μs accuracy
  • All-in-one cabling
  • Built-in laser safety control

Designed for modern factories, these next generation controllers provide expanded encoder and input capabilities for greater networking flexibility.


LMI Master hubs handle distributed synchronization and power for all sensors in a Gocator network. LEDs indicate power and sync status for each port, in addition to encoder and I/O status.

Master hubs support a wide variety of encoder signals and output configurations to let you easily adapt a multi-sensor system to your needs.

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With built-in safety controls, you have the option to disable/enable all lasers on the sensor network when required. Supports both 24- and 48- volt power supplies.


Master hubs use a standard CAT5e network cordset to carry data directly between sensors and a network switch. This simplifies cabling by using a single cable for power, synchronization, safety, and data. Data connects directly to Gigabit Ethernet Switch.

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