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HDI Advance

For 3D Inspection, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Reverse Engineering

The HDI Advance family of 3D scanners captures complete digital 3D scans from real-world objects in just seconds. This advanced High Definition Imaging system is ideal for manufacturers working in industrial metrology applications, visual effects studios, research labs, and academic institutions that need complex 3D measurements.

Capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing its field-of-view, HDI offers convenient presets ranging from 165mm up to 676mm diagonal depending on the model.

The All New HDI Advance R4x

The HDI Advance R4x is a high-end 3D scanner that provides superior accuracy and detail. Able to generate a single scan down to 36μm (0.0014”) and generate up to 3.2 million points (6.4 million polygons) per scan, this powerful system is ideal for industrial metrology applications such as quality control inspection. Plus, the ability to rotate the cameras on the R4x allows for fine-tuning to minimize occlusions or create larger stereo angles.

  • 1.3 seconds per scan, with full-field scanning
  • Resolution: Up to 3.2 million points (6.4 million polygons)
  • Accuracy: Down to 36µm (0.0014")

Three Models to Choose From

The HDI Advance 3D scanner uses dual machine vision cameras for capturing high resolution and accurate 3D scans, optionally in color. The HDI Advance is available in three performance models: the R1x (1.3 megapixel), R3x (2.8 megapixel), and R4x (4.1 megapixel).

Highly Flexible 3D Scanning System

As your 3D scanning and 3D inspection needs change over time, you can easily upgrade the scanner's hardware components (cameras/lenses) to improve scanning performance. The HDI Advance can adapt to a wide variety of scanning scenarios without the need to purchase a new system.

Non-Contact, Stable and Reliable

The HDI Advance scans an object directly without any physical contact to ensure there is zero measurement interference. Additional performance features include a carbon fibre bar on the R4x model that secures the scanning cameras for improved camera stability and measurement reliability.


HDI Advance


FlexScan3D Software

Built-In Post-Processing Capabilities Plus SDK

HDI's proprietary FlexScan3D scanning engine provides automatic scanning, sophisticated automatic mesh geometry alignment, interactive and automatic hole filling, automatic cut plane definitions and more. Plus, its powerful SDK allows you to customize and script your scanning workflow to meet your exact needs.



* FlexScan3D software is NOT sold separately. It is only sold with our HDI scanning hardware.

Industry Solutions


Sustainable Archaeology, and its Sustainable Archaeology Animation Unit (SAAU), has taken innovative steps to make Ontario’s archaeological records accessible to researchers, students, and the public without stepping into a museum or storage facility.



Brooks Sports contacted ScanMatter Studios, Inc to explore the option of moving their physical-based shoe samples to the digital realm.


Automotive Parts

RASCO Automotive Systems, a leading service provider of 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection services, uses the HDI 3D Scanner to generate high accuracy 3D scans for the automotive and mechanical industry.


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