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FlexScan3D Software

Optimize Your 3D Scanning Workflow

FlexScan3D* optimizes the 3D scanning workflow––from capturing scans, to building scans into a digital 3D model, to cleaning the model with advanced post-processing capabilities. 

FlexScan3D software is only sold with our HDI scanner hardware.

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Live Scanning Automates The 3D Scanning Process

FlexScan3D is capable of triggering a new scan automatically once the scan target is placed into a new position for scanning. The software can detect movement to the sacan target, either by hand or mechanical mean, and decides when to trigger a new scan. Live scanning simplifies the 3D scanning process by eliminating the need for users to move back and forth between the scanner and the computers in order to create a complete 3D model.

Automated Mesh Geometry Alignment Speeds Up The Scan Intelligence Process

Aligning 3D scans into a digital 3D model typically requires the user to manually rotate a 3D scan into a similar orientation in close proximity to the reference scan before the scans will align properly. Aligning scans into a digital 3D model has significantly improved with the use of the mesh geometry alignment. Two scans will align automatically even if the scans are not in close proximity or are in different orientations. The alignment process now requires less user interaction.

Easy Scan Determines The Best Exposure For An Object

When capturing 3D scans, users typically need to manually an exposure to get optimum scan results for their object. This process would require the user to set the exposure level that avoids under or over exposure. With Easy Scan, a smart exposure control feature, FlexScan3D automatically determines the best exposure for an object to get the best quality scan results every time.

Cut Plane Simplifies 3D Model Building

Using the Cut Plane feature, users can capture cleaner scans with the HDI 3D Scanner during the scan acquisition stage. FlexScan3D software permits users to define a background plane and eliminate it automatically in all subsequent scans, capturing only scans with the target object. This drastically reduces the amount of time to clean up scans during post-processing stage.

Interactive Hole Filling & The Ability To Create Water Tight Models

Interactive hole filling allows users to select a hole or a region for hole filling. Users can control the process by specifying hole filling parameters. The result is a 3D model that is water tight - no holes, gaps, or openings - ready for export and use.

Powerful Integration With 3D Scanning
Powerful Integration With 3D Scanning

FlexScan3D includes an API library and scripting functions for developers to customise automated 3D scanner controls and data processing tailored specifically for their applications.

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