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Gocator 2500

Gocator 2522 High Speed Wide FOV 3D Laser Profiler for Scanning Glass and Other Specular Surfaces

Gocator® 2522 is a large field of view (FOV) laser profiler precision-engineered for 3D scanning of glass and other specular materials, including polished metals and plastics. With nearly twice the FOV of the Gocator® 2512, the 2522 is the preferred solution in applications with larger scan surfaces, or where limited space demands the use of fewer sensors.

Gocator® 2530 Factsheet

High scan rates (up to 10 kHz or 10,000 profiles per second, including measurement and inspection) allow the Gocator 2530 to meet inline production demands. Wide field of view allows engineers to scan more of the target with fewer sensors—resulting in a more cost-efficient inspection system.

Introducing Gocator 2500 Series High-Speed 3D Laser Line Profilers

Submitted by Brenden Reid on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 09:09
Gocator® 2500 laser profilers provide complete 3D inspection onboard the sensor head—including scan, measurement, and control—at blazing speeds up to 10 kHz. Blue laser and optimized optics deliver superior data quality on the challenging surfaces (e.g., dark, specular) of small electronic parts.