3D Surface Measurement 
and Analysis at Sub-Micron Precision


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GFMesstechnik GmbH was acquired by LMI Technologies on June 23, 2014.

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Scan, Analyze and Report Sub-Micron Measurements

Scan and inspect microscale surface structures and geometries.

Leading Edge 3D Surface Metrology

The acquisition of GFMesstechnik, a pioneer in the development of micro-scale structured light metrology in Germany, adds amazing new levels of performance for LMI, particularly for demanding applications requiring very high resolution.

The ability to achieve small volume measurement (as small as 1mm) with very high accuracy (100nm), enables laboratories to report surface analysis of micro texture or inline inspection of electronic, medical, or pharmaceutical parts with microscopic detail.

The extensive line of MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology systems provides a number of configurations to cover all measurement scenarios, including handheld use for spot-checking, in-lab use for R&D, and production line integration for robust inspection, reducing costs in all manner of scenarios.


Rapidly obtain accurate scans of surfaces and small parts, down to the ​sub-micron level

MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology Systems are ideal for any surface metrology application where micron-level textures must be precisely measured and controlled.


MikroCAD Software

Comprehensive scanning, analysis and reporting software

All MikroCAD 3D Surface Metrology systems are powered by comprehensive 3D surface scanning, analysis and reporting software. Transform measurement data into concrete, meaningful results – within minutes.

MikroCAD software is also extendable, allowing you to fully customize your solution to meet specific application needs.



Tailored to fit your unique requirements

Leverage powerful 3D technologies to enhance data capture, achieve higher performance and accelerate time to market. Discover how our technology can be tailored to fit your unique requirements and increase your productivity and profitability.

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