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Updates to Gocator 2100/2300 Series Sensors and New Master Networking Hubs

Posted on October 25, 2016

LMI Technologies is pleased to announce an upgrade to the popular Gocator 2100 and 2300 series with a new sensor controller (C series hardware) and the new and more flexible Master networking hubs. Availability starting November 2016.

Existing Gocator 2100 and 2300 Series Receive New Controller
The new sensor controller is more powerful, allowing your Gocator-based solutions to run even faster than before at a lower overall temperature. Even better, pricing for the new sensors remains the same!

The new controller is supported on Gocator Firmware 4.5 SR 1 and later. Gocators running Firmware 4.5 SR 1 can be connected to an SDK-based application that was built on Gocator 4.x SDK. If your application is built based on Gocator 3.x SDK, you will have to upgrade to the 4.5 SR 1 SDK before you can communicate to the sensor.

The Gocator 2100 and 2300 series are adjusted as follows:

  1. Gocator 2100 and 2300 sensors with the new controller are designated with hardware version C. Standard and vertical market models are upgraded.
  2. Gocator 2350-2M and Gocator 2370-3R are now standard models. They extend the medium to larger size models to a lower laser class, enabling a safe deployment in applications where human operators might be in direct contact with the laser during operations.
  3. Gocator 2140-2M and 2150-2M are now standard models to provide additional options to cost-sensitive users for their scanning needs.
  4. Laser power output of Gocator 2330-3R is optimized (brighter). Note: the laser class does not change, but existing users might need to lower their exposure settings.
  5. Vertical market models that have been upgraded include the Gocator 2342-3B.
  6. 5m and 10m cable part numbers are updated to follow the same standard conventions.

The Gocator 2100 and 2300 series, along with some of the cable part numbers have changed. Please refer to the summary tables below for more details.

Please note that Gocator 2320, 2880 and 3B-N models are not included in the list. They will be upgraded at a later date.

Existing Models

Gocator 2100 Series
Model New Part Number Old Part Number
2130 312130C-2M-R-01-T 312130A-2M-R-01-T
2140 312140C-3R-R-01-T 312140A-3R-R-01-T
2150 312150C-3R-R-01-T 312150A-3R-R-01-T
2170 312170C-3B-R-01-T 312170A-3B-R-01-T
2180 312180C-3B-R-01-T 312180B-3B-R-01-T


Gocator 2300 Series
Model New Part Number Old Part Number
2330 312330C-2M-R-01-T
312330C-3R-R-01-T (increased laser power)
2340 312340C-2M-R-01-T
2350 312350C-3R-R-01-T
2370 312370C-3B-R-01-T 312370A-3B-01
2380 312380C-3B-R-01-T 312380B-3B-01


New Models

Model Gocator 2100 Series Gocator 2300 Series
2140 312140C-2M-R-01-T -
2150 312150C-2M-R-01-T 312350C-2M-R-01-T
2170 312170C-3R-R-01-T 312370C-3R-R-01-T



Master Network Controllers
301114 Master 810 for up to 8 sensors
301115 Master 2410 for up to 24 sensors



30864-1.2m 1.2m I/O cordset, open wire end
30864-5m 5m I/O cordset, open wire end
30864-10m 10m I/O cordset, open wire end
30861-5m 5m Power and Ethernet cordset, 1x open wire end, 1x RJ45 end
30861-10m 10m Power and Ethernet cordset, 1x open wire end, 1x RJ45 end
30858-1.2m 1.2m Power and Ethernet to Master cordset, 2x RJ45 ends
30858-5m 5m Power and Ethernet to Master cordset, 2x RJ45 ends
30858-10m 10m Power and Ethernet to Master cordset, 2x RJ45 ends
30883-5m 5m I/O cordset, 90-deg, open wire end
30883-10m 10m I/O cordset, 90-deg, open wire end
30880-5m 5m Power and Ethernet cordset, 90-deg, 1x open wire end, 1x RJ45 end
30880-10m 10m Power and Ethernet cordset, 90-deg, 1x open wire end, 1x RJ45 end
30864-1.2m 1.2m I/O cordset, open wire end


Two New Master Models Upgraded
The Master 810 will replace the Master 400 and 800. The Master 2410 will replace the Master 1200 and 2400. These new Masters are designed to provide the following benefits:

  1. Expanded encoder and digital input capabilities for greater flexibility. 5V and 12V single-ended and differential encoders are now supported.
  2. Compact form factor with DIN-rail mounting option. Adaptors are provided for 1U mounting, with the same mounting position as Master 400/800 and 1200/2400.
  3. Accepts 24V and 48V input.

The new Master pricing is lower, further reducing the cost of deploying a multiple sensor network.

Please note that the power and input connectors are different and might require re-wiring during installations.

Please order using the new part numbers starting November 1, 2016. Initial delivery will occur in November. During the transition, orders might be fulfilled with existing or new hardware versions depending on availability and required lead times. LMI customer service will contact you in cases where the hardware revision shipped is different than what is specified in the order. LMI will ensure items in a sales order are fulfilled with the same hardware version (i.e. either all in A series hardware, or all in C series hardware).

Revised datasheets for Gocator 2100, Gocator 2300, and the Master series can be found on the Downloads page of the LMI Technologies website. The user manual can be accessed online.

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