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GFMesstechnik GmbH was acquired by LMI Technologies on June 23, 2014.

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End of Service for GFM-Branded MikroCAD Products

Posted on November 3, 2016

This is the official End of Service (EOS) notice for MikroCAD products sold under the “GFM” brand name.

Following the acquisition of GF Messtechik (GFM) by LMI Technologies in June 2014, many of the products sold by GFM were re-branded and re-engineered under the “LMI3D” brand name.

At this point, LMI can no longer continue to repair GFM branded MikroCAD products or MikroCAD products running on Windows XP or earlier, and will discontinue product repairs as of Dec 1, 2016. Products actively being sold under the LMI3D brand name will continue to be sold and serviced and GFM branded products will still be provided technical support.

For products affected under this notice that can no longer be serviced, we want to work closely with your company to review your product migration and help you upgrade to LMI’s newer generation products. Please contact your local LMI Sales representative to discuss your options.

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