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HDI Advance Series

Speed and Performance in a Flexible Design

HDI Advance high definition imaging 3D scanners capture complete digital 3D scans from physical objects in just seconds. This advanced scanner is ideal for manufacturers, visual effects studios, research labs, and academic institutions that need complex 3D measurements.

HDI Advance High Definition Imaging 3D Scanners
Model R1x R3x R4x
Scan Speed 1.3 sec/scan 0.88 sec/scan 1.3 sec/scan
Average Data Points 1.1 million/scan 2.6 million/scan 3.7 million/scan
Average Polygons 2.2 million/scan 5.2 million/scan 7.4 million/scan
Point-to-Point Distance (mm) 0.1 at 165 FOV, 0.2 at 310 FOV, 0.3 at 455 FOV 0.075 at 200 FOV, 0.165 at 400 FOV, 0.250 at 600 FOV 0.071 at 212 FOV, 0.228 at 676 FOV
Field of View (diagonal, mm) 165, 310, 455 207, 379, 647 212, 676
Cameras 2 x 1.3 megapixel 2 x 2.8 megapixel 2 x 4.1 megapixel




HDI Advance Specifications

FlexScan3D Software

The Complete 3D Scanning Workflow for HDI

FlexScan3D software is HDI's exclusive scanning engine for creating 3D models. Leveraging powerful 3D image capture and processing capabilities FlexScan3D rendered 3D scan data directly at the capturing stage and provides built-in data editing, alignment, and merging functionality.

Firmware Software Laptop
Smart 3D Inspection for Auto Parts and Assembly

LMI Technologies has a proven track record of supplying leading-edge, high-performance 3D scanning and inspection solutions for the many different types of stations in the automotive manufacturing process, including all stages of component and assembly inspection.

3D Smart Sensors for Robust Tire Inspection

LMI provides 3D scanning solutions for critical rubber and tire inspection applications such as rubber extrusion profiling, strip guidance, splice and layer control, bulge and dent inspection, radial and lateral runout, tire markings and DOT-code identification in Uniformity-, Geometry- and Balancing machines.