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HDI 100 Series

Create Watertight 3D Models For Reverse Engineering and 3D Inspection

The HDI 100 series of 3D scanners is the most compact, advanced 3D scanning system using blue LED projection technology available on the market today. Designed for demanding industrial applications that require accurate and repeatable 3D scanning results (down to 34 microns with HDI 109), the HDI 100 series is ideal for reverse engineering, rapid protoyping and 3D inspection, measurement, and visualization.

The HDI 100 series of 3D scanners doesn't use any active cooling (e.g. fans), so it runs quietly and is highly energy efficient. With its industrial IP67-rated aluminum body the HDI 100 series is highly dust proof and water resistant, and impervious to high vibration. It also comes pre-calibrated ready to produce repeatable 3D scanning results out-of-the-box.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

The HDI 100 series of 3D scanners allows you choose a scanning volume and size that fits the requirements of your application. The HDI 120 is perfect for general-purpose 3D modeling. The smaller size and scanning volume of the HDI 109 is ideal for integration into more portable solutions, and for 3D scanning objects such as dental impressions and small parts.

  • Ideal for small and medium-sized parts
  • Diagonal field of view 110-258mm
  • Rapid data acquisition - 0.3 seconds per full-field scan
  • High accuracy (up to 34 microns)
  • Pre-calibrated, ready for use out of the box
  • Compact and lightweight

High Performance 3D Scanning System

The HDI 100 series of 3D scanners deliver ultrafast scan speeds with high quality results, letting you produce better models, faster. Multiple scanners can be used together in a single system to further reduce total scan time and automate the process. The series reaches scanning speeds of 0.3 seconds per scan, with full field scanning. It covers almost 2 million polygons, up to 985,000 points.

Easily Integrates 3D Scanning into Systems and Devices

The HDI 100 series is designed for quick integration into systems or embedding into devices. The simple-to-use software development kit (SDK) and connectivity options give developers complete control over all aspects of the 3D modeling process—from capture to alignment to the final model—so you can fully customize the process to your needs. The scanners can output into a variety of output formats (PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX) to accommodate different systems with ease. Systems integrators can count on LMI's strong technical support for any phase of integrating or embedding the scanners into their systems or devices.

Ready to Scan Out-Of-The-Box

HDI 100 series of 3D scanners are ready to capture 3D scans and millions of measurements accurately only minutes after setup. Simply connect the scanner and install the included FlexScan3D software on your computer, and the system is ready for scanning. The scanner will produce digital 3D models with the click of a button from real-world objects. There's no need to calibrate or recalibrate after scans, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

HDI 109

The HDI 109 comes in two flexible and compact solutions that feature:

  • Scanning small parts and objects
  • Field of view (diagonal) up to 110 - 124 mm
  • Sensor dimension: 49 x 100 x 155 mm
  • Pre-calibrated package, ready to use out of the box
  • Up to 34 micron accuracy



The standard HDI 109 (shown at left) is an industrial, IP67 rated package. It scans small parts and objects, from electronics to dental applications, with incredible accuracy, and its small footprint makes it ideal for integrating into portable solutions.


The HDI 109 OEM (shown above) is a commercial package specifically designed for the demanding real-world applications of our OEM partners. Along with the high precision scanning capability of the standard HDI 109, the OEM model features a black anodized finish with industry standard RJ45 Ethernet and 2-pin 12VDC input connectors.

HDI 120

The HDI 120 is an industrial, IP67 rated 3D scanning system that is perfect for general-purpose 3D modeling.

  • Scan medium-sized parts
  • Field of view (diagonal) up to 170 - 258 mm
  • Sensor dimension: 49 x 74 x 276 mm
  • Pre-calibrated, ready to use out of the box
  • Up to 60 micron accuracy


HDI 100 Series


FlexScan3D Software

Complete 3D Scanning Workflow With FlexScan3D Software

FlexScan3D software is the 3D scanning engine that drives the HDI 3D Scanners. Each 3D scanner comes with this software to create 3D models ready-for-use in various applications. In addition to its powerful 3D capture capabilities, FlexScan3D includes the ability to process 3D scanner data. Users can process the data directly at the capturing stage with built-in data editing, alignment, and merging capabilities. The final output can then be exported in different file formats depending on the user's needs.



* FlexScan3D software is NOT sold separately. It is only sold with our HDI scanning hardware.

Industry Solutions


Sustainable Archaeology, and its Sustainable Archaeology Animation Unit (SAAU), has taken innovative steps to make Ontario’s archaeological records accessible to researchers, students, and the public without stepping into a museum or storage facility.



Brooks Sports contacted ScanMatter Studios, Inc to explore the option of moving their physical-based shoe samples to the digital realm.


Automotive Parts

RASCO Automotive Systems, a leading service provider of 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Quality Inspection services, uses the HDI 3D Scanner to generate high accuracy 3D scans for the automotive and mechanical industry.


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