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Gocator Firmware 4.5

Delivers Powerful New Tools For More Efficient 3D Inspection

Gocator Firmware's latest features include part sectioning, multiple tool reorganization for improved overall workflow, flexible anchoring, surface generation, improved event logging, job management and dynamic screen scaling. Plus, HexSight 2D vision libraries is available for FREE for all Gocator users!

New! Firmware 4.5 featuring Gocator Development Kit (GDK)

An introduction to the industry first GDK for firmware customization. Learn how to download and use the GDK to develop and write your own custom measurement algorithms in the Gocator Firmware itself.

New! Firmware 4.5 featuring Gocator Accelerator

An introduction to the GoX using a 3110 snapshot sensor. Learn how GoX is used to decrease cycle times by offloading data processing to a PC for added processing speed and memory capacity.

Gocator Emulator “Virtual” Sensor Environment

An introduction to our “virtual Gocator” experience. Learn how to simulate a scenario from a real sensor using pre-recorded data, or load your own recorded data to the Emulator. Familiarize yourself with Gocator’s capabilities and the different Gocator models using Emulator today!

Sectioning feature in Gocator Firmware

Watch the short instructional video above to learn how Sectioning allows you to define a cross-section from a 3D model of a part in Surface Mode, then perform advanced 3D measurements on that section. Sectioning is ideal for leveraging the existing profile tools and is a significant addition to Gocator Firmware's functionality.

Part Matching Automatically Aligns and Inspects Arbitrarily Oriented Parts

With the Part Matching feature, Gocator can accurately inspect parts regardless of their orientation as they pass on a transportation system (e.g. assembly line). Typically, users have to develop specialized image processing algorithms or need to mechanically re-align parts that are presented out-of-position. Firmware 4.2 simplifies this with powerful and flexible Edge Matching capability that automatically performs part realignment before applying Gocator’s built-in measurements tools.

To leverage Part Matching users simply register a master part as a "golden" model, then set-up their inspection parameters relative to the master. Parts can arrive in any rotation and the Gocator will automatically re-align and inspect them –– resulting in significantly increased measurement accuracy, product quality and productivity.

G1 Profile Mode Provides Built-In Ability To Generate Part Profiles

Profile Mode allows users to generate and inspect profiles of scanned parts using a Gocator displacement sensor, rather than the typical displacement sensor that requires heavy network bandwidth and a PC or external controller to operate. Profile Mode builds 3D part profiles by intelligently combining high speed range data into a profile of the scanned part with flexible part detection logic that supports a range of acquisition methods such as fixed length of movement, digital input control status and height thresholding.

Firmware 4 users can access profile tools (currently available on the Gocator 2 series) for dimensioning and inspecting complex shapes such as groove, gap, flush and strips. The end result is greatly increased control over the inspection process and a significant reduction in system complexity and setup cost.

User Configurable
X Resampling Interval

This feature gives you fine-tuned control over the amount of data they receive, and empowers you to make your own decisions regarding trade-off between accuracy and hardware requirements.

2880 Auto Exposure

Allows you to automatically set the exposure value on your Gocator 2880 Smart Sensor.

Gocator Firmware 4 Redefines the User Experience... on ANY Browser!

Gocator Firmware 4 is a complete redesign of the web browser user interface experience that makes the inspection process even more efficient than ever before. Driven by market feedback, Gocator Firmware 4 has an improved workflow and layout that aligns with common industry practices. Measurement tools are intuitively regrouped by categories for quick setup. Its modern yet sophisticated graphical user interface delivers simpler setup of measurement tools while maintaining advanced capabilities and control.

Part Edge Filtering Improves Measurement Accuracy

Gocator Firmware 4 has a built-in capability to remove noise around the perimeter and interior of scanned surfaces or parts. Noise filtering increases repeatability and accuracy of 3D measurements by allowing the measurement regions to be placed with precision without any noise interference.

Greater Ability To Handle Part Variations With Flexible Anchoring

With Flexible Anchoring, measurement results can be used as anchoring sources for other measurements. This feature supports multiple anchoring sources within the same setup. Measurement tools can now be used to solve complex applications with part position and size variations, giving users the flexibility in setting up measurement tools. There is no limit to the number of anchors used in an application.

Surface Generation Offers Flexibility With Various Setup Options

The latest Firmware now supports a number of methods to create a surface or a 3D point cloud. This provides greater control and flexibility for supporting common industry scanning methods such as conveyor, web, robotic, and rotational scanning setup.

Improvements To SDK Simplify Software Programming

The SDK is updated to provide cleaner API along with built-in support for multi-sensor systems. Simplified programming for multi-sensor systems greatly reduces software development time.

Compact Protocol Delivers Faster Processing Speed

The new Gocator Ethernet (TCP/IP) protocol reduces overhead and makes data parsing much easier. Reduced network bandwidth and data processing requirements allow applications to run faster on the same hardware.

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